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Overnight trips 

We now offer overnight trips for the anglers who want's to make the most out of their fishing experience in Puerto Vallarta. 

We have two different options.

First option is to go in the centre console 30 feet boat and sleep under the stars which is a good option if you don't want the the expansive fees of the bigger boat. Also its a lot easier to move around and chase fish in the smaller boat. Another advantage is that its a lot easier to cast and jig. You can be up to 2 people at a time for this kind of trip. We include everything, all the fishing gear, live baits and your food. 

Prices for the overnight on the panga:


1 night\2 days: 2250$ usd

2 nights\3 days: 3250$ usd 







The Yacht



Second option is to go out on a sport fishing boat with beds, toilet and kitchen. Of course the big advantage is comfort. 

Also the boat can hold a lot more baits and there is more space to move around.

You can be up to 4 people onboard. We include everything, live baits, fishing gear, food and beverages. 


Prices for the overnight on the yacht: 

1 night\2 days: 3600$

2 nights\3days: 6000$

3 nights\4 days: 7200$



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